Garden Design

I can provide you with a full garden design service which will take your project from the seeds of an idea through to detailed plans ready for construction.  The process will follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1 – Consultation

The process begins with an initial consultation meeting.  This will be the first opportunity I have to see your garden and to hear from you your practical requirements for the project as well as any ideas you might have.   We will discuss any particular problem areas in your garden, or positive features that you wish to enhance.  I’ll ask you about how you want to use the garden and whether you have any preferences for plant types or colour schemes.  I’ll also ask for an indication of your budget for the garden.  This information will allow me to put together a client brief which captures your requirements for the project.

Following the consultation meeting I will send you a copy of the client brief and a fee quote for the garden design which I’ll ask you to agree to prior to the project progressing.

Step 2 – Survey

Following agreement of your brief I will carry out a survey of your garden.  This involves measuring the boundaries of the garden and recording site levels, as well as heights and positions of existing features, such as mature trees, walls or utilities access covers, in order to produce a survey plan. This scale drawing will include the measured survey information as well as noting aspect and highlighting areas of sun and shade. As part of the survey process I will also take soil samples for analysis to make sure that plants selected are appropriate for the soil type.

If your garden is particularly large or on a number of levels I may recommend that you employ a professional land surveyor to carry out the survey.  

Step 3 – Outline Design

Using the survey drawing as a basis I will develop outline layouts for your garden which consider the information gathered in the client brief. I will produce sketch drawings, along with a moodboard to indicate proposed materials and planting themes. We will discuss these outline proposals and you will be able to choose which options you would prefer in your garden, as well as suggesting any further modifications you would like to include. It is an iterative process, to make sure you are happy with the final design.

Step 4 – Detailed Design

Once we’ve settled on an outline plan, I will develop this into a detailed design. I will provide you with a hand-drawn layout plan, in black & white or colour, which will show you the proposed layout for the garden, indicating areas of paving, lawn and planting, together with any features such as trees, pergolas, water features or statues. I will provide elevation drawings where required and can also produce a 3-D drawing of the proposals.

Step 5 – Construction Information

Once the design is finalised I can produce construction details, setting out drawings and specification documents to allow the works to be priced by landscape contractors.