Front Garden, Dalkeith

This garden is located at the end of a cul-de-sac in a residential area of Dalkeith. As well as an attractive-looking, low-maintenance garden, the clients were keen to introduce some height into their garden to provide a screen to block the view of their living-room window from approaching cars. This was achieved through the planting of a multi-stemmed Amelanchier as a focal point in the centre of the garden. This small tree provides a long season of interest for the clients to enjoy, as well as the desired effect of screening.

The main planted area of the garden was filled with flowering shrubs planted in swathes of colour. A central white swathe includes Philidelphus, Choisya, and white Hebes. To either side purple areas contain plants including Rhododendron Impeditum, Lavender and Hebes. Yellow swathes to the edges of the bed contain Rhododendron Luteum, Hypericum and Potentilla.

Client testimonial:

“Towards the end of 2017 our front garden was needing some serious work to turn it into a low maintenance but attractive garden. Our requirements were hard standing for 2 cars, path access to the rear garden and an area to stand the various bins, not forgetting an attractive garden layout which would be low maintenance in the longer term.

We were delighted with Jane’s final design. Robson Landscaping Ltd. were commissioned for the hard landscaping to Jane’s design. A decision was made to go for new sandstone slabs rather than reuse the old concrete slabs. We asked Jane to obtain the plants and plant them once the hard landscaping was completed, which made the garden come alive. A delightful and carefully chosen variety of planting gave an immediate boost to the garden which was very pleasing to us and was commented on favourably by neighbours.

We look forward to enjoying our new garden and especially to seeing the planting mature in the years to come. 

Many thanks to Jane for a lovely garden design which has been implemented very well.” JK, Dalkeith