Planting Design & Supply Service

Why is a professional planting plan important?

Plants are so important in bringing life, interest, texture, and colour to a garden. When it comes to successful garden design, a careful and thought-out selection of plants makes a huge difference to the final outcome.  

My bespoke professional planting plan, which sets out which plants I will use in your garden and where, offers you many long-term benefits.

Whether you are looking for planting ideas for a low-maintenance new build garden or want inspiring ways to refresh your garden borders and raised beds, my detailed planting plan will ensure that:

  • You get the best plants for your budget
  • You save time by using a professional with experience and knowledge
  • Your chosen plants will thrive in the right soil, sunny borders, or sheltered spots
  • You have an opportunity to enjoy plants that you may not be aware of
  • Selected plants will bloom at different times so there is something of interest in your garden all year round
  • Selected plants will complement your colour scheme and garden style
  • The number of plants will suit the spacing and layout of your garden
  • You won’t waste money on plants that don’t suit the soil type or aspect

Why choose my professional planting plan service?

My experience means I have a considerable knowledge of garden plants and can give you the best advice on what to plant in your garden whatever your style or budget.

I offer bespoke planting plans as a stand-alone service if you want to refresh, or makeover your garden, or as part of my complete garden design service.

Whichever you choose, I will provide you with a detailed planting plan as well as a schedule which contains information about each plant: how big the plant will get; the conditions they need; season of interest; maintenance requirements and photography.

My professional plant supply service

I take plant quality very seriously and have established relationships with well-regarded local nurseries to source exceptional plants for you at competitive prices.

Once delivered to your garden, I will set these out as per the planting plan and can then arrange to have these planted for you or if you prefer, leave for you to plant dependent on your needs.